No. 3.000 of our products have been rated 5 stars by customers satisfied with our products and the service we provide since 2005  when we opened our eBay shop.


Pre-sales and after-sales service

You can contact us if you are in any doubt or have any question; we will always answer you quickly and you will have a satisfactory answer.


Money back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our products we will replace them or if it is not possible to replace them we will refund you the amount of the products.


Credit card transactions

In order to safeguard your  financial details we accept credit cards via PayPal. When you pay us by credit card PayPal hides your credit card details and we will never know them.



Your personal and financial details will be dealt with in accordance with data protection laws. They will be used only to process your order and to issue invoices and will not be disclosed to organisations or institutions for no reason.


Top quality, lowest price

Our shop is an online shop. Since the cost of running an online store is lower than traditional ones we can always give you the top quality/price ratio.

You can also reduce shipping costs if you ask us to ship the items you will purchase on this site and on our eBay shop together in a single shipment to a single address.

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