My passion and my experience in textiles and embroidery were the strating point. In the course of years my knowledge extended and I decided to turn a simple part-time hobby into something satisfying and amusing at the same time. That would be "La fenice Old Linen and Lace", an online shop (there are  no show-rooms customers) selling exclusively by hand embroidered linen conceived as art objects. In 2005 we opened our eBay shop - http://stores.shop.ebay.it/LA-FENICE-Old-linen-and-lace - as we wanted it to be a show of selected and exclusive linen, a reference point in the world of antique, vintage ad contemporaney embroidery.


The types of linen we sell:


Antique embroidery

Antique embroidery  dates back to the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century. It is very important from a historical point of view being the work  of many women that devoted all their time to embroidery. Their excellent workmanship and a wealth of details make of antiquie embroideries real jewels that cannot be compared with contemporary ones. Nowadays almost nobody has the skill or the will to make such works. It would take too much time that cannot be found in today's frantic life.


Vintage embroidery

Vintage embroidery dates back to the middle of the twentieth century.  Most of time the embroidered items were part of the trousseau or were used on family's special occasions only. Many of them were stored in chests and drawers and seldom or never used. Old non-waste tradition wanted them to be  mended to be used again.  For example tablecloths or sheets were turned into napkins or centre-pieces. Using lace or crochets to hide holes and mendings embroideresses were able to make rich and unique items out of torn linen. Monograms that were usually embroidered on linen are in great demand nowadays.


Contemporaney embroidery

Contemporary embroidery is a new selected and very high quality hand made embroidery for anybody wanting a new, exclusive item to buy as a present for himself or someone else.


Welcome to the world of hand made embroidery



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